Dates: 1st and 2nd July 2022

VENUE: Royal Tropical Institute, Netherlands

Theme: Unlocking Digital Transformation, Investments and Trade Opportunities in Africa

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Opening Ceremony & Introduction Remarks

John Karegwa – Chairman Africa Trade and Investment Conference

Benjamin Huss – Chairman, Startup Fund

Why Africa? Why Now? – Opening Keynote Speaker
Mr. Richard Ngatia ,President of the Kenya National Chamber of
Commerce and Industry- Kenya
Chief Guest Key Note Address: Host Country Official – Government of the

Why Africa? Why Now?
Opening Keynote Speaker:
Liberia Minister of Commerce and Industry

– Opportunities and Challenges of doing business with Africa
– Success Stories and understanding the African business system
1) Mr Mohammed Sesay- Regional Director, Cordaid, Sierra Leonne
2) Hans Walhout- Partner, Oxano Capital
3) Washington Kapapiro, President, Global Africa Business Club, South Africa
4) Marco Rensma – CEO, Meys Emerging Markets Research, Netherlands
5) Mr Simone Santi President, Leanardo Group - Italy/Mozambique
6) Louis Yaw Afful – Executive Director, APN Group, Ghana

Moderator: Ikenne Ngene

- Panelists share their views and lessons learned, Political and Legal risks
- Mitigating country to country risks, understanding the African Business System: Taxation, Logistics, Trade and importation incentives, marketing and forming business Partnerships.
- Challenges and success stories
- Overcoming trade barriers

(1) Mr Mohammed SesayRegional Director, Cordaid West Africa
(2) Pumela Salela- Country Head – United Kingdom, Brand South Africa –
(3) Louis Yaw Afful – Executive Director, APN Group, Ghana
(4) Dr, Deanne De VriesSpeaker/Author, Africa Advocates

12: 00 PM - 1.00 PM

Workshop 1: International Trade Financing and How to Export and Trade Successfully
Speaker: Dr. Olufunso Somorin - Regional Principle Officer, African Development Bank

Workshop 2: Africa is Open for Business: Going International with Your Business
Speaker: Dr, Deanne De VriesSpeaker/Author, Africa Advocates

Workshop 3: Digital Disruption for Economic Growth in Africa
Speaker: Mr Hilary Itela- Board Chair, Tespok

Workshop 4: Sustainable Agriculture for 21st Century
Speaker: Dr Tsofa Mweni. CEO Fadhili Microenterprises

Round Table: Investment Opportunities in Real Estate in Africa
Speaker: Mr Dobson Njoroge CEO, Benchmark Building Solutions

(During lunch, come by the exhibition hall to network)

Conference Space

(1) Joy AWE- Chair- African Women in Europe - Germany
(2) John Karegwa- CEO, Invest in Africa Summit
(3) Claire Dawai- CEO, Sub Sahara Chamber of Trade
(4) Dr. Jones, CEO, iMotivat, The Netherlands
(5) Dr. James Mburu, International Director, Profcol Microfinance, United Kingdom
(6) Mr David Ndungu - CEO, Collyer International, USA

3:00 PM - 4.00 PM

Round Table : Opportunities in Healthcare in Africa
Speaker: Dr Njeri Mburu, CEO -Health Haven, Kenya

Workshop 1: Shifting tides of private capital in Africa: Disruption of VC in Africa
Speaker: Eva Warigia - CEO, East Africa Venture Capita Association

Workshop 2: Opportunities in Trade Finance
Speaker: Janet Mulu – Founder & CEO, ImpactDev

Workshop 3: Keys to unlocking Capital Projects for Africa
Speaker: Dr. James Mburu, International Director, Profcol Microfinance, United Kingdom

Workshop 4: Liberia Workshop
Speaker: Liberia Ministry of Commerce and Industry

- Understanding Africa Continental Free Trade Area (ACFTA)
- Facilitating efficient movement of goods across borders

(1) Washington Kapapiro, President, Global Africa Business Club, South Africa
(2)Saul Malobi, Group Chief Executive Officer & Chairman Brandhill Africa (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
(3) Sand Mba-Kalu,- Executive Director, Africa International Trade & Commerce Research
(4) Rose Ronoh, AFCFTA Expert, Trade Facilitation- Kenya

5: 00 PM - 6:00 PM

This networking session is sponsored by the German Chambers of Commerce-IHK

- Game changing technologies, digitalization in Africa
- Africa Technology Startups Ecosystems and Trends
- How technology is transforming Africa’s startups landscapes
- African Digital Economy
- Technology, youth innovation & transformation
- African Fintech Entrepreneurship
- How digitalization can help to address structural barriers to trade in Africa
- African digital Platforms, Software and Hardware Infrastructure

(1) Benjamin Huss- CEOStartup Fund, Germany
(2) Judith Okech - Co-Founder & CEO, Ambulex Solutions
(3)Ida Nganga, Regional Head Anglophone Countries - UNESCO Emerging Technologies for Development.
(4) Hilary Itela- Entreprenuer & Board Chair, Technology Service providers of Kenya
(5) Dr. Jones, Mindflix / iMotivate, Netherlands
(6) Ms Martha Mghendi- Fisher Social & Impact Entrepreneur| Angel Investor| Chair,African Women in Fintech
(7) Kwasi Boahene - Director Health Systems - Pharm Access

10.30 AM - 11.00 AM

- Hear from African Ambassadors on what they are doing to promote investment and trade relations.
Speakers: African Ambassadors in the Netherlands

12.00 PM - 1.00 PM

Workshop 1: Opportunities in the Infrastructure space in East Africa
Speaker: Johnson Kilangi – CEO Lean Africa Consultants, Kenya

Workshop 2: Opportunities and challenges in SME’s Growth in Africa
Speaker: Margaret Mutheu, Regional Officer, WEConnect International

Workshop 3: Financing Agriculture And Development
Speaker: Dr. Nellie Kangwa, CEO of Project Life Design

Workshop 4: Enhancing Africa Diaspora Investment
Speaker: Dr Akanimo Odon, Africa Strategy Adviser, CEO - Flexylearn & Envirofly LtdUnited Kingdom.

Round Table on “Financing Health in Africa”
Speaker: Dorien Mulder, Investment Manager, Medical Credit Fund

3.00 PM- 4.00 PM

Round Table : Women in Business
Speaker: Caroline Gathii, Board Member at Faulu Bank, Independent Board Member in charge of Risk of the Africa Economic Research Consortium (AERC).

Workshop 1: Kenya Country
Speaker: Kenya National Chambers of Commerce & Industry

Workshop 2: Somalia Country
Speaker: Hon Mohammed Daryeel

Workshop 3: Morocco Workshop
Speaker: Morocco Investment Authority

Workshop 4: Ethiopia Workshop
Speaker: Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration

(1) Mr. Mohamed Wurie – Cordaid, Sierra Leone
(2) Mr. Johnson Kilangi- Lean Africa Consultants
(3) Ms. Margaret Mutheu, Regional Director of Africa, WEConnect International
(4) Claire Dawai- CEO, Sub Sahara Chamber of Trade
(5) Ms Nana WanjauChairperson Commonwealth Business Women Network Kenya (CBWN-K)

5.30 PM - 6.00 PM

- Guest of Honor

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