The Hague Marriott Hotel, Netherlands

Anti-Spam Policy

At Investing In Africa, we are committed to maintaining high standards of ethical conduct in all our marketing practices. As such, we do not support or engage in the use of unsolicited messages, including but not limited to spam emails or text messages, to promote our website or services.

We believe that unsolicited messages not only violate the trust of our customers and potential clients, but also detract from the positive impact of our marketing efforts. Therefore, we have implemented strict policies and procedures to prevent the use of unsolicited messages in any form of communication.

Furthermore, we do not condone or allow our affiliates or third-party partners to engage in the use of unsolicited messages to promote our organization or services. Any violation of this policy by our affiliates or partners will result in immediate termination of our business relationship.

We are committed to ensuring that our marketing efforts are conducted in a responsible and ethical manner. If you have any concerns or questions about our marketing policies, please do not hesitate to contact us.