Dr Akamino Odono

Dr Akanimo Odon

Africa business expert, International Speaker and Career Coach

Dr Akanimo Odon holds a master’s degree in Environmental Rehabilitation, a PhD in Environmental Management from Lancaster University, UK and business and enterprise certifications and fellowships from Cambridge University UK, Stanford University USA and MIT USA. He specializes in cross-border education and innovations in research and is an expert in navigating, developing and managing relationships between academia, government and industry in Africa for economic viability, research impact and student employability.

Africa Strategy Adviser for Aberystwyth University, University of Strathclyde; University of East Anglia; and currently he is the African Regional Adviser for the University of London, the Africa Adviser for Lancaster University and the Africa director for Zurich Elite Business School Switzerland.

FOUNDER Flexy-Learn (www.flexylearn.com), a one-stop online shop for distance learning provision for Africa. He is Principal Consultant of Envirofly Consulting UK (www.envirofly-group.com) and Founder of Lancaster International, an international outreach school/programme focused on supporting primary and secondary schools in Africa (www.lancasterinternational.org).

CREATOR of one of the most comprehensive and UK CPD certified suite of online career programme in Africa, the Career Enhancement Programme Online (CEPO) – www.flexylearn.com/cepo

BOARD MEMBER Member of the Board of Directors of the largest and most reputable Think-Tank organization in Africa, the Africa Technology Policy Studies Network, ATPS, headquartered in Nairobi Kenya.

AUTHOR of two literary books (a novel and an anthology of poetry) and a practical career transformation book titled ‘The Graduate Code’. He is a poet and a multi-award-winning film producer for his recent feature-length movie DRY.