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CEO, Ennovations Management Consulting

I am a reliable, self-motivated, performance-driven, industrious, and experienced instructor, researcher, business consultant and training professional with expertise in entrepreneurship, strategy, and instructional design with a background working in a diverse global environment. I have over 12 years of diverse experience and expertise in teaching and research, management and enterprise consulting, and project management with an outstanding leadership track record. I have traceable experience in designing and delivering modules at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels embedded in pedagogy. Additionally, I’m capable of designing and implementing projects at any organisational level to deliver intended outcomes.

My research interests cut across Entrepreneurship, Strategic management, Family business, Regional development, the Socio-cultural and institutional context, Business Model Innovation, and Digital Transformation within both developed and emerging economies as well as Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL). My research has been presented in international conferences and published in leading journals and book editions.
Besides, I’m enterprising and passionate about businesses where I have co-founded two businesses: Kingdom Citizens -a design company and EBMC -a premium enterprise management and consulting firm that seeks to revolutionize the delivery of services to start-ups, SMEs, investors, and entrepreneurs. Currently, I’m an adviser to the executive committee of the African Business Chamber (AfBC) and serving as a Board of Trustees for Kevin Kararwa Leukaemia Trust (KKLT).
Additionally, I’m experienced in organising study trips for undergraduate students through #DMUGlobal BAL Summer School to Kenya “Doing Business in Africa”, in business management and social Enterprises that bridge the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills, which included a taught business case study, company visits and cultural experience to improve their business acumen, cultural intelligence, entrepreneurial knowledge and transferable employability skills.
My vision is to create a ‘transformed, empowered, inspire and loving generation with hope for a better future. I hope to achieve this by sharing knowledge and experiences, empowering through entrepreneurship and enterprise development, transforming through mentoring and education through writing and training the generations of the world. Simply, I’m in the business of transforming lives.