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CEO, TOP3 Solutions

Fatoumatta Gaye is an inspiring leader, entrepreneurial businesswoman, and committed humanitarian, uniquely combining creativity, technological expertise, and mentorship. A certified public speaker and self-development coach, an expert in business consulting and digital marketing. Fotoumatta has generated investment success and growth as a mentorship management coordinator for various innovative African businesses. 

Fatoumatta is currently a founder, board member and significant shareholder of different Organisations. She is an award-winning ambassador and diplomat, actively representing the interests of The Gambia in international events and conferences. She is also an active member of different organisations and global educational institutes around the world.

In 2018, she founded a Lingerie brand providing plus-size women with affordable undergarments and Lingerie.

In 2019, she founded the International Young Mothers Association (IYMA), encouraging innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership among young women. She leads a team of professionals driven by women’s empowerment and community development, providing:

√ Shelter for different Families

√School fees and materials for children

√Food and Sanitary packs for women and children

√Salvation for women and children to overcome starvation, violence, and instability;

In December 2019, she partnered with the UWT to donate Funds to 80 women to start Farming. Recently the organisation launched a women’s entrepreneurship scheme to train 40 women and finance them to start a business to support their families. In addition, Fatoumatta founded ‘Home for Hope’: a housing program for abandoned women and children.

In June 2021, She trained over 60 CEOs and business owners on entrepreneurship, Public speaking, and self-development under the Gambia Tech Project.

Fatoumatta was also nominated as the G100 Country chair in education and employment by the G100 Mission Million for her contributions toward the development and empowerment of Women and Youth.

In early 2022 She established her Company, TOP3 SOLUTIONS, an independent data- driven and client-focused firm assisting the public and private sectors to flourish and focused on making a difference in The Gambia and internationally; through sustainable solutions in investment, agriculture and energy sectors. Top3 is also a registered company in the UK and collaborates with international and national partners, entrepreneurs, government and investors to create sustainable solutions for a better future. 

Top3 Solutions has delivered:

• Support for new and established companies through open access to grants, loans, credit, and capital, advocating fair and accurate tax relief for small businesses.

• Open the lucrative federal marketplace to entrepreneurs, reduce onerous paperwork, and give businesses the necessary tools

• Brought innovation, excellence, and sustainability in all solutions by delivering the best value for money on time, promoting integrity, honesty, transparency, and financial integrity, and providing Outcome-focused and future-proofed solutions that deliver long-term economic and social benefit.

• Championed equality & diversity opportunities, irrespective of gender, race, or disability, and a drive for women’s and youth empowerment.

• Advocating for Climate and ecologically friendly solutions to reduce our carbon footprint and protect The Environment.

• Provide Procurement services to both private and public sectors.

Fatoumatta finds inspiration and motivation in various people, but the one person who inspired her actions the most as a woman leader and a solutions-minded person is her mother. She has always been groomed by her mother to be a woman of significance who can bring a difference in the lives of the less privileged.