The Hague Marriott Hotel, Netherlands


Commercial Director, TMF Group. Paris France

Since 2013, Hanaa is involved in the European South African business cooperation.

Hanaa worked closely with the French Government (economic service) and the international diplomatic ecosystem in South Africa. She contributed to the launch of the French Tech in South Africa and the French South African Chamber of Commerce in Cape Town. Hanaa contributed to the reinforcement of the cooperation between the European Business Community in South Africa and local government and local business elite.

Until now she is still recognized by the economic and politic ecosystem of Cape Town as a bridge between Europe and South Africa

More recently Hanaa has been invited by Moroccan institutions to discuss about the South/South and South/North cooperation ( The Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad).

Prior to joining TMF, Hanaa has worked for Mazars a global audit, accounting and consulting group in Cape Town and Paris.

Alumna from SciencesPo.Paris, Hanaa is a qualified Corporate General Manager registered at the Institute of Business Advisors Southern Africa.

Hanaa is French, Moroccan and South African Permanent Resident and speaks French, English, German and Arabic.

Hanaa is committed in various social responsibility projects especially for the empowerment of young people living in disadvantaged communities.