The Hague Marriott Hotel, Netherlands


Digital and Marketing Specialist-Ebay

Obinna is experienced digital marketing and automation expert. In the last decade, he has committed his career to aid companies such as AT&T, IBM, Rapsodia Innovacion, and eBay in various roles in marketing, automation, asset management, events, and customer engagement in their European and North American markets. 

Obinna is also an MPI certified Meetings and Events Strategist, a Past Rotaract President, an Econet Awardee, a visiting Lecturer at The College of Central Europe, and the Development Manager at the Institute for Sustainable Education and Development in Bonn, Germany, where he voluntarily shares his expertise and contributes to the development of digital tools that streamline and scale impact.

Obinna is passionate about Africa and has a keen interest in tourism, having built and contributed to a variety of initiatives such as the Niger Delta Tourism Expo, Sluxia, MICE AFRICA Days, Calabar Blog Networks, etc…including a find and track app that helped 105 stranded African Students in Ukraine get fast, safe and trusted assistance at the beginning of the Russia/Ukraine conflict in 2022. 

He enjoys assisting inspired individuals and businesses build custom solutions that scale marketing and daily operations quickly, predictably, and reliably.