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CEO, AIB CORP LTD-United Kingdom

I am a pro active leader with vast knowledge of the African Trade & Investment markets who offers corporate advisory services to organisations willing to tap into the lucrative fast growing African markets. The knowledge I have for Africa is leveraged on my African background , exposure to the international world, huge network of business leaders in the continent, understanding of the volatile market traits, first hand knowledge of business opportunities in the continent, culture and it’s importance in dealing with the markets, risk management, managing contracts and ability to create conducive platforms for effective stakeholder engagement & management in order to achieve desired outcomes without bias.
All my deal making engagements are guided and comply to the international parameters of doing ethical business which anchors more on trust, honesty, transparency and integrity. I help business to identify opportunities, negotiate market entry, mitigate risk, manage contracts and close successful transactions in both trade & investment. I also work with African businesses that requires foreign markets representation to export their goods and services. I have a strong team of strategic partners and consultants in a lot of countries that augments my services.
Additionally, I’m experienced in organising study trips for undergraduate students through #DMUGlobal BAL Summer School to Kenya “Doing Business in Africa”, in business management and social Enterprises that bridge the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills, which included a taught business case study, company visits and cultural experience to improve their business acumen, cultural intelligence, entrepreneurial knowledge and transferable employability skills.
My vision is to create a ‘transformed, empowered, inspire and loving generation with hope for a better future. I hope to achieve this by sharing knowledge and experiences, empowering through entrepreneurship and enterprise development, transforming through mentoring and education through writing and training the generations of the world. Simply, I’m in the business of transforming lives.

She is the best selling author of “Africa: Open for Business”, has been changing people’s and companies’ mindset about business in Africa as she opens the doors for entrepreneurs and companies to establish themselves in Africa by challenging outdated images and introducing them to AfriCAN: the can-do Continent.  This is helped along by her fluency in six languages.

As comfortable speaking at Madison Square Gardens and TEDx as she is interviewing Heads of State across Africa about political leadership for her PhD, or crossing on foot the South Sudan border with Uganda to understand the situation her truck drivers face daily, Deanne looks to understand the “why” of the on-the-ground reality so she can raise others up as well as introduce everyone to the ABCs of doing business in Africa and why now is the time to invest in this continent of opportunity.